Giving Back: My mission for 2019 & beyond.



“the ground’s generosity takes in our compost and grows beauty. look at this. try to be more like the ground. give back." —rumi


The importance of giving back, putting others needs before my own, and realizing my one purpose, or BIG WHY, was a 30 year journey. I would not be here today without the incredible resources of selfless humans who devote their time, mission and purpose to giving back.

Bella Chaffey is one of those incredibly special people who has changed my entire life in the short-time I’ve known her.

Our families go back. Our fathers are in the same industry: new home construction and development. Our mothers are avid tennis players and on the same tennis team. Yet, up until January of 2018, I had never met Bella.

I firmly believe in life timing is everything, and each person you meet has a purpose. Bella came into my life at a time where I was searching, processing, and coming to terms with my best friend’s 4th cancer diagnosis. I felt helpless. I knew that I wanted to give back.

I was in awe to hear how this recent college graduate, who was an over achiever in anything she has put her mind to, decided to start a non-profit.

The story of why is powerful. Her brother, Alexander, is the reason for her beginning this non-profit. He is the recipient of two heart transplants. I smile to say: Earlier this March, 2019, he celebrated his 21st birthday.

His story can be found in much more detail here:


Bella Chaffey

President & Founder, Alexander’s Hope


As of March 4th, after nearly 18 months since she started the non-profit process, Bella received her official 501(c)(3) letter in the mail. I was privileged to watch her open the letter and share in excitement.





Member of Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

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