Principal Broker | Girl Boss Tribe, founder

Originally born in the Bay Area, we relocated as a family in 1998. I consider Seattle home. I began my career interning for agents when I was 16. I attended the University of Washington, and by the time I graduated, I was licensed and jumped into learning the business from one of the best in our industry.

My career is rooted in a strong operations foundation. I have a proven track record of growth with my 12 years of industry experience and have worked with some of the industry's most notable, high performing agents and teams. I devoted much of my career to building a bullet-proof foundation within a solo agents or teams business, which included detailed systems for each department.


In 2018, I changed the course of my career, and opted into one of the most challenging and fulfilling paths. I decided entrepreneur, sales and owning my own business was the exact thing I not only wanted, but had been preparing myself for, since high school.


I’M described as passionate. resilient. competitive. disciplined. and with empathy and heart. I am obsessed with growth, committed to excellence and high standards, and disrupting my industry. I surround myself with people who challenge the status quo. 

I reside in Kirkland, and have for nearly 21 years. I am a proud Eastsider. Work is my passion. At home, I am a mother to two Yorkies: Olive and Sadie.

Without failure or adversity, my purpose wouldn’t be clear. I am here on this earth to serve others: through real estate, giving back and building community.
— Caitlin