Caitlin M. Coakley

Principal Broker | Girl Boss Founder

Originally born in the Bay Area, we relocated as a family in 1998, and I consider Seattle home. I began my career interning for agents when I was 16. I attended the University of Washington, and by the time I graduated, I was licensed and jumped into learning the business from one of the best in our industry.

My career is rooted in a strong operations foundation. I have a proven track record of growth with my 12 years of industry experience and have worked with some of the industry's most notable, high performing agents and teams. I devoted much of my career to building a bullet-proof foundation within a solo agents or teams business, which included detailed systems for each department.


In 2018, I embraced a limiting belief. I left operations for the privilege to work with my own clients and run my own practice. I have never been so passionate about building my own brand, my own business practices, and working so closely with buyers and sellers; who turn into so much more than just a client.

In 2019, after 14 years of saying I’d never work with my parents, stars aligned. We are business partners and each specialize in very different niches. Our clients benefit from 3X the service level and industry knowledge.

People that know me would describe me as passionate, resilient, competitive, disciplined and someone with a lot of heart. I am obsessed with growth, committed to excellence and high standards, and disrupting my industry. I surround myself with people who challenge the status quo. 

Without failure or adversity, my purpose wouldn’t be clear. I am here on this earth to serve others: through real estate, giving back and building community.
— Caitlin