New Design Trend: Antique Brass

Brass 2.jpeg

As we move into the last few months of 2019, we bid farewell to chrome, stainless steel, and nickel accents and welcome brass back into interior design trends.  

With a warm and sophisticated appearance, brass acts as an alternative to bright steel accents and adds a sense of refinement to all spaces. 

When it comes to incorporating brass into your home, the first step is selecting the appropriate finish. To steer away from an over the top, ostentatious look, you should select a softer finish and shop for an antique, raw, or unfinished brass. This finish will complement a room with a subtle accent, instead of appearing overpowering or distracting. 

Since this trend is new, it is okay to be hesitant to integrate brass, so I suggest starting small. You can achieve this by adding a simple brass object on a shelf or table. Small brass accents in a decor piece will add charm and character to a room without changing the look entirely. 


One of the best parts about the brass trend, is that brass pairs well  with nearly every color. It pairs perfectly with deep hues, such as navy, dark green, or purple but also, will go well with light colors, such as pink, coral, and pastels.  

Similar to brass pairing well with color, it also compliments other metal finishes, although I would not suggest more than two or three mixed metals in a room. For example, a brass accent will go well with stainless steel fixtures or appliances and will create a timeless look. 

In additional to adding small brass objects, another way to incorporate brass in your home is through changing out your hardware. For example, swapping your drawer or cabinet hardware for brass handles or knobs is quick, easy, and cost effective.

Caitlin Coakley